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Ear Scratcher

Overall Album Score: 7.3 out of 10


Erasure releases yet *another* synth-pop album. Not only do they lack anything much of interest to say in terms of artistry with this release, but these songs are overlong! Most are more than five minutes long, and one song even surpasses 10 minutes!

I mean, SERIOUSLY!!! What on Earth possessed you to do this? Your songwriting isn't necessarily worse-off than it has been in previous albums, but WHY DRAG THEM OUT FOR SO FREAKING LONG??? THEY DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH STAYING POWER!!!

Apart from that, the album's only main difference from their previous outings is that this adopts more of a "celestial" feel to it. This might have made some great songs if they were able to give these songs some magic, but their hearts weren't enough in this to make much of a difference.

And so Erasure is finally dissolving ... dissolving so much that this'll be the final review of theirs I'll write for awhile.

Overall Album Score: 7.3 out of 10 (It's 1995 and Erasure is still up to their old game ... and drowning ...)

Average Song Score: 8.0 (Clarke continues to convince me that he's a natural songwriter. However, he overstays his welcome too many times here.)

Album Tilt: 7.0 (Every song here is overlong.)

Artist Rating: 7.0 (They are getting TIRED. The material, overall, is convoluted and it's lacking freshness.)

Track Reviews

Guess I'm Into Feeling 9/10

It takes like FOREVER to get started. The beginning of it featuring a bunch of spacey noises and stuff ... not that it's difficult to listen to or anything. In fact, it making me all sci-fi delightful. And then a melody finally starts to take form and ... Erasure starts signing an electro-pop song. ... Oddly enough, the melodic part is much more dissonant than what I've been previously accustomed to them! ... It's interesting. I'm not totally sure if I like it, but ... it makes a good listen.

Rescue Me 8/10

...Um... This song is far too tasteful and far too synth-poppy (you know how easy it is to like synth-pop, don't you?) ... It's also rather dissonant for them! The melody isn't extremely catchy, but that synth stuff is mesmerizing and stuff, so the fact that there's more than a 6-minute running time doesn't phase me at all. The instrumentation is diverse and interesting (getting more 'spacey' toward the 4-minute mark). A good song ... again, nothing great.

Sono Luminus 9/10

Oh, geezzzzzzzzzzz... Another incredibly spacey song, except I actively adore this one. The melody, this time, seems perfect proving once and for all that Clarke is a natural songwriter. The instrumentation is hardly out of 1986, but it's lush, quirky, interesting, totally electronic, and it manages to fully illustrate an entire world. The big drawback is its ridiculous near 8-minute running length when it only had about 5 minutes worth of true potential.

Fingers and Thumbs 8.5/10

This has a very catchy melody, and I really really enjoy the electronic instrumentation! ... I don't so much like the instrumental interlude in the middle of this, but that's no matter! It's overlong (again), but the song is so upbeat and uplifting that there's no way I can dislike such a thing. Woooottt!!

Rock Me Gently 8/10

Wow ... a 10-minute Erasure song ... *gulp* ... This song starts out as a rather generic-ish (though entirely Erasure-characteristic) ballad that might remind one of those sappy ballads Michael Jackson did through the 90s. ... And it's kind of boring, too. But in the middle of this song, we get this really, really, really twisted opera-woman singing. Very very peculiar. ... Also, this song still sounds like it's from outer space. ... And it's like ... whoah ... I'm in outer space. This song really is kinda boring, but I can't ignore how twisted that operatic performance was.

Grace 7.5/10

It's probably weird that I gave this song a lesser score than "Rock Me Gently." I like Bell's passionate singing, but ... eh ... this song doesn't do much for me. The melodies have been better with Erasure ... and this really isn't very amazing.

Stay With Me 7/10

I think I liked this song when I first heard it ... but now that I'm on my fourth listen (or so), I'm pretty freaking annoyed with it! ... Sounds like a regular old Erasure song, except it's boring and uneventful. ... Maybe they're pushing this spacey thing a little too far this time.

Love the Way You Do So 8/10

Not bad! ... It's nothing for me to get excited about, but it's a fine little pop song. The melody is pretty catchy and those beepy sounds in the instrumentation are always kinda fun to listen to. It would have benefited from a shorter running length, however.

Angel 8/10

The insane woman opera person is back!!! ... And then it turns to a pretty regular, pretty catchy Erasure song! ... Um ...

I Love You 7.5/10

Beliroeieiririririririririririrriririririririririr!!! They're getting rather bored, I think! I mean ... It's been nearly 10 years and Erasure hasn't changed their style. DOESN'T THAT SEEM A LITTLE BIT WEIRD TO ANYBODY ELSE??? But at least the melody is nice.

A Long Goodbye 7/10

...GGGGGG!!! They really are getting tired. The central melody is fine ... they just REPEAT IT ABOUT 2334 MILLION TIMES!!!! And I'm getting tired of listening to this. I appreciate the spaciness of this, though. Don't get me wrong about that. This just isn't too interesting and I'm just ... glad this album is finally over with. GGG!!!!

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