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I Say, I Say, I Say, Old Chap

Overall Album Score: 7.9 out of 10

You were able to get away with it in 1991 ... I mean, there were still a few people who were still into synth-pop. And besides, that was an excellent album! ... It's 1994 now, and ... ummmm ... you're still doing synth-pop as if it were still 1986. Not that I find anything particularly wrong with that. I enjoy listening to 80s synth-pop than 90s techno or rap music ... or stuff like that. It's just that this is 1994! Try something else!!

It would have been something completely different if they were able to do another Chorus, but the melodies here suffer and the instrumentation seems more routine and sloppy.

...They're getting too comfortable ... they do absolutely NOTHING new here ... and I get the impression that they only released this album because they hadn't released one in awhile. Sorry this review is so scant, but I'm utterly bored with this album, so I's don's gots much to say. Ho hum.

Overall Album Score: 7.9 out of 10 (Erasure is getting tired. This is a watered-down remake of Chorus essentially. They're not trying anything new.)

Average Song Score: 8.1 (Decent songs ... they're slipping a little bit, though. There aren't too many great melodies in here.)

Album Tilt: 8.0 (Fairly consistent. There aren't any bombs in here at any rate.)

Artist Rating: 7.5 (They're falling in a trap. They refuse to change musical directions and they're getting tired.)

Track Reviews

Take Me Back 9/10

Yay!!! This is a very happy song that's always been kind of common for Erasure to begin their album with. The melody is very upbeat and optimistic ... the synth-pop instrumentation does a nice job making it all seem very bright. ... Only total jerks can hate this song. A nice job. Erasure's done better, though.

I Love Saturday 7/10

It's fairly well done, but it's pretty under-enthusiastic for Erasure. I mean ... in Chorus, they managed to tap into EXTREME POP DELIGHT!! The melody, for one, isn't incredibly catchy. And the instrumentation sounds pretty routine. ... I don't know ... it's 1994. Maybe it's time to go grunge!

Man in the Moon 8/10

The song doesn't seem to start out fairly well ... but when it takes off, it turns into this very pleasant, mid-tempoed pop song with a nice melody and a nice whistle-synth loop to make things all pleasant. I like this song, but ... it's not really excellent ... even for Erasure.

So the Story Goes 8.5/10

I kind of like the idea of this song. A regular synth-pop song with a boys choir in the background ... I mean, it again proves that Erasure was a band willing to experiment within their genre (...albiet IT'S 1994 AND THEY'RE STILL DOING SYNTH-POP)! ... The melody isn't quite as sinfully catchy as they've been known to do, but I like listening to this. It's kinda creepy. Especially at the end when it goes all apocalyptic.

Run to the Sun 7/10

This one might have passed off as a techno song for ravers ... Not that I have anything particularly against techno songs for ravers ... I do have something against techno songs for ravers that don't have much of a melody. There are only a few weak hooks in here. ... And I don't give a crap about this song ... even though I don't dislike it.

Always 7.5/10

Very routine! The melody isn't very hooky, I'm afraid ... and the song never takes off. It's not particularly dissatisfying to listen to, because they're being nothing if they're not being good-natured, but ... ho hum.

All Through the Years 8/10

I can't help thinking this song is rather sloppy ... even though they try adding some African(?)-ish vocals to the background. At any rate, the melody is slightly better (not excellent) and the song is rather fun. But ... it's still kinda sloppy.

Blues Away 8/10

It's another very optimistic song ... if only the hooks were a little more **DEADLY** this would have been a VERY excellent song. ... At any rate, this is pretty fun to listen to. It's not great, but it's fine.

Miracle 9.5/10

Oooooh, now here's a heavenly song! They take that children's choir they used in "So the Story Goes" and makes something that's HAPPY and not SPOOKY with it. The melody is an Erasure classic and ... yay! I'm so happy!! ... That's why I listen to this band. To get happy.

Because You're So Sweet 8/10

Not bad ... sort of an underwhelming synth-pop song, though, that lacks a particularly great melody. ... Eh ... Poor Erasure.

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