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Wild! Dookie!

Overall Album Score: 7.3 out of 10

This album isn't very wild ... Isn't that false advertising? Shouldn't the FBI or the FDA or the NRA or whoever's responsible for protecting the people on such false advertising go and arrest freaking Andy Southwestern Bell and freaking Vince Clarke Kent for titling this album Wild! when a more appropriate name would have been This Sucks! ... Yeah ... I think someone should get on this PRONTO!

But, anyway, this is a disappointing follow-up to The Innocents. There are some good moments in here (most notably "How Many Times?"), but they are always superceded by the mediocre moments (and one crap moment: "La Gloria" which is a misguided attempt at combining synth-pop with salsa). ... When I ask for a "Wild!" album, I want my SONGS more exciting than THIS!!!! What's wrong with YOU???????? BOoooooooOOOOooOOOoooOOOoooOOOoooo!

...Eh... I really have nothing left relevant to say about this. It's not like Erasure really spent a whole lot of care and craft into developing these songs ... so why should I take a whole lot of care and craft into developing this review? I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine, my sexies.

Overall Album Score: 7.3 out of 10 (A disappointing follow-up from their hugely enjoyable The Innocents album ... boo.)

Average Song Score: 7.8 (Sort of an unenthusiastic set of songs ... there are about two excellent songs in here, a handful of good songs, a lot of mediocre ones and one really horrid one!)

Album Tilt: 7.0 (Sort of a dull and plodding album, if I do say so myself!)

Artist Rating: 7.0 (Maybe their veering away from synth-pop might be seen as an artistic advantage ... but their veering away from catchy melody is much more noticeable!)

Track Reviews

Piano Song (Instrumental) 8.5/10

It's a nice enough piano song ... it's decent enough to listen to ... Unfortunately, I can't be totally an unabashedly thrilled with this sucka, either! You see, there's no emotion to it! ... but what else can you expect from a synth-pop band?

Blue Savannah 9.5/10

Another very pleasant song ... A very catchy melody (as, you know, this Vince Clarke dude is known for making catchy melodies) and the instrumentation gives the song plenty of dimension. Yes, this is quite an excellent little pop song, I say!

Drama! 8/10

Again, this is a decently enjoyable synth-pop tune ... but why isn't the melody deathfully catchy? It seems a bit routine here! The instrumentation is fine, even though it seems to favor the dance-club scene more than anything else. Overall, this song is fine, though.

How Many Times? 10/10

Man ... they can really do great melody when they really put their minds to it! ... The song is a wonderfully instrumented song (that uses the obligatory electronic beat with some very, very well-chosen acoustic-sounding synths). And ... whoah ... this also has an extremely catchy melody. ... This thing is nearly priceless! It even sounds kinda heartbreaking! Way to go, dudes.

Star 7/10

Eh... Not so good this time. The melody isn't very catchy here, unfortunately, and the instrumentation isn't the best. ... Just an average synth-pop tune ... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, dear.

La Gloria 6/10

Oh, goodness. Now, this is where Erasure finally drop the big El Turdo. Salsa music cum Synth-pop DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!! ... but I can BARELY enjoy it. BARELY, MIND YOU!!! The only reason is for the melody and certain *parts* of the melody. I'll tell ya what, though ... this does not work well within the context of the rest of the album. I *hated* this song when I first heard it. Now I just mildly think it's crap with enthusiasm.

You Surround Me 7/10

Phew! These guys seem to be getting less and less interesting as the album goes by (barring the previous song, of course). The melody and instrumentation of this song are merely adequate. However, there's nothing memorable about this song! (And ... if I listen to this song any longer, I'm going to get seriously annoyed.) So ... this is not a good song, either. Boo!

Brother and Sister 8/10

This is closer to being genuine *synth pop* and it's not bad. The melody is pretty good and ... yeah. That's all.

2,000 Miles 7/10

Another sorta regular old synth-pop song. Unfortunately, the melody of this song isn't very catchy! And the instrumentation, while appropriately lush, just seems to be totally misfired! Ew!!!! ... Overall, the song's enjoyable, though, but only barely!

Crown of Thorns 7/10

...Not the worst song on the planet...but it's not the best song in the planet, either! I think I like more the way this song is presented than the actual song itself! (...Isn't this the exact opposite of what I was complaining about in the band's debut ... interesting.) I thought Clarke was able to pull catchy melodies out of a hat! ... This isn't a catchy melody whatsoever!

Piano Song 8/10

Hey! It's the Piano Song! And it's not an instrumental this time! Woohooo!!! ... It's like the same thing as the earlier piano song except there's an actual SONG here! ... Wait ... why did we need the instrumental? ... I don't know ... but the actual song is more boring than the instrumental! ... But at least there's a melody. I can't complain about lack of melody with this baby. I thought this was a synth-pop band! There aren't any synths here! What the-?

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