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Every Good Boy Deserves Flavour

Overall Album Score: 8.4 out of 10

I know that this web site is full of contradictions. And the fact that Every Good Boy Deserves Favour scored less than To Our Children's Children and On the Threshold of a Dream might very well be a mistake. Nevertheless, I went through all of these tracks one-by-one, and I came to the conclusion that the material just isn't quite as strong as they were on those previous, higher scoring albums.

The reason why I'm thinking that it might technically be a mistake that this happened is because I actually enjoyed listening to Every Good Boy Deserves Favour more than the two previous, aforementioned Moody Blues albums. Nevertheless, after having revisited those albums, I came to realize that my assessment was not really a mistake after all. Every Good Boy Deserves Favour has lesser songs on it. What makes me enjoy this album more, however, is that I don't find the Mellotrons to be nearly as dreary and (sometimes) dreadful.

That is also the same reason why I thought that the Moodies album previous to this, A Question of Balance was the neatest thing since sliced bread. There wasn't much of that dreary Mellotron! Though, in that album also, the melodies were about as great as the Moody Blues have ever been able to get them (...and I almost want to put their much-hailed debut Days of Future Passed on that list with it...).

...Well, as you can see, I've done very little in the way of actually talking about this specific album. The reason for this, simply, is because there's very little to talk about! Every Good Boy Deserves Favour is simply another Moody Blues album. They've done it before ... and (even though I almost don't want to admit it) they've done it better ...

Of course, if you like what the Moody Blues have done before, then this album is nothing short of essential!

Overall Album Score: 8.4 out of 10 (Only a mere step down, in my opinion. I actually find Every Good Boy Deserves Favor more readily likable than some of the previous Moody Blues records, but I'll be the first to admit that the material isn't quite as strong.)

Average Song Score: 8.3 (Again, the Moody Blues present us with a very strong collection of tunes. However, these aren't as strong as they have been able to do them in the past.)

Album Tilt: 8.5 (You know ... this is a pretty good album. The Moody Blues have, however, put together more impressive concepts ... does Every Good Boy Deserves Favour even have a concept? Heck, I don't even quite understand the title!)

Artist Rating: 8.5 (The Moody Blues have done this sort of thing over and over again. But, just by the merit of being the Moody Blues, and the simple fact that they come up with yet another album that doesn't suck, warrants a tiny boost in the artistic category.)

Track Reviews

Procession 8/10

I always find it intensely interesting to be listening to these old art-rock albums and find a lot of noises that sound like something from an old video game. Does anyone else here notice that at the beginning of this track, we hear those fireworks from the first Mario Bros. game? That's kind of freaky, actually! After that fine moment of reminiscing nostalgia, the song that this one progresses to is interesting to say the least. Featuring a very weak tribal beat ... and then chanting ... and then some old European baroque music (my favorite bit). I don't know ... just as long as you're not expecting it to be perfect prog-rock music, then you're okay. It's not divinely inspired ... it's not spiritually uplifting ... heck! It doesn't even have a melody! But it does keep my wits entranced with the thing.

Story in Your Eyes 10/10

Whoah! Taking the lead from their previous album, The Moody Blues really write another 100 percent enjoyable track with an utterly splendid melody! It's not intensely different than what The Moodies have been doing for albums and albums, but this one is wonderfully entertaining! The boogie quality this one has makes it even better.

Our Guessing Game 8.5/10

Awwwww! This one starts out with some wonderful piano music. The melody is a little bit more contrived here ... but the lucid instrumentation is enough to make your soul melt. That said, the real kick in the butt here is the melody. It's not intensely special ... like "Story in Your Eyes" was. Nevertheless, this is nothing less than classic Moody Blues.

Emily's Song 7.5/10

"Emily's Song" is entirely a very sweet and pleasant exercise! It has a bit of a simpler quality to it ... it resembles sort of a nursery rhyme ... And don't think the quality of this song doesn't suffer as a result! It's pleasant and nice-to-listen to, surely, but it's entirely unremarkable.

After You Came 9/10

This one is a pretty nice and almost-regular rock-and-roll song! Cool! I'm not giving it full points only because I wish that the melody had some better-written hooks in it. Just the same, though, this one is as enjoyable as hell.

One More Time to Live 8/10

Wha--? WHAT'S WITH THESE CHEESY FLUTES? HIPPIES! This is a weird anthem that's really too bombastic for my tastes! (And, I mean, you'll have to get pretty bombastic to disgust me.) Well, "One More Time to Live" does not disgust me. In fact, once it gets going, it is electric! Just the same. Too bombastic. And the flutes are too hippie-like. I don't like hippies.

Nice to Be Here 8/10

Hey! This one is nice! The lyrics are pretty goofy (I must say), but I like the sort of running-pace that we get from the beat. That's pretty neat. ...But that's all I really like about this one. That beat.

You Can Never Go Home 7/10

Oh brother! I'm getting borrrrrrrrrrrrred! I listened to this one two times in a row (for this track review) and I can't figure out why I should like it. The melody is fine (if not great) ... I guess the instrumentation is too overblown. ...Although I could very well have complained about that in previous Moody Blues tracks. I'm not sure why I have to complain about it here.

My Song 9/10

Awwwww! This song is quite a luverly affair! Unfortunately the pure beauty of it doesn't last throughout the entire six-minute duration of it. (It's a very wonderful little classical-music song with an excellent melody.) The middle of it does a lot of piddling into utter nonsense ... but it's still pretty neat, I think. All in all, this is a favorable album closer. The beginning of this, however, would have warranted a 10. The rest drags it down to a nine.

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I agree for the most part with your perspective. Actually this my most favorite LP of all time followed by Abbey Road, Dark Side and Sticky Fingers. To me, this is probably the most underrated LP of all time

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