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Full of Octave

Overall Album Score: 6.7 out of 10

After a six year break from each other, The Moody Blues finally reconvene! *Yaaaay!* But the album sucks! *Boooooooooo!*

Although, the Moody Blues impeccable ability to polish songs until they shine are still there. The problem is that they didn't have very high quality songs to polish up. The only truly memorable and uplifting song in here is "Survive," which'll simply engage you to death. Other songs in here might be highly formidable and well produced, but they're not inspired! ... Not like they were on other such blatantly commercial albums like Seventh Sojourn most prominently. Oh well.

Simply put, what's lacking here are melodies. You need hooks to make an interesting song. And when ya don't have hooks, then you don't have a good song! ... And without good songs, you have a deadbeat, uninspired album. The Moody Blues used to have the word 'inspired' at their very fingertips. Now, the only word they have at their fingertips is 'the power to make me yawn.'

Overall Album Score: 6.7 out of 10 (What a huge disappointment!!!! This is nothing but a mediocre progressive-rock-pop album with a bunch of semi-enjoyable songs on it!)

Average Song Score: 7.2 (For the most part, these are mildly enjoyable songs. There's one excellent track in here, but that's cancelled out by one steeenky one.)

Album Tilt: 6.5 (It doesn't seem, to me, to be like a true Moody Blues a lbum. It lacks focus and the drive the band used to have back when they made all those GREAT albums.)

Artist Rating: 6.5 (Yeah, I guess you could still call this progressive-rock, which is usually artistic by definition. But I don't have much respect for this as an artistic venture. Needed more focus!)

Track Reviews

Steppin' in a Slide Zone 7/10

Whoah! This has been playing for like a minute and, like, nothing has happened. Oh! There it goes! I guess they were trying to be artistic or something by just having little noises at the beginning of this song that, for all I know, could be my computer fan turning on ... even though it usually doesn't sound like a synthesizer. Wow, though! Maybe the Moody Blues should never have broken up! This is song is remarkably hookless ... like a good bra. It's loud, though ... so I'm going to crank up the volume more and see if I'm enjoying it any better. ... ... Nope. That doesn't seem to be working. Oh well.

Under Moonshine 6/10

MOONSHINE?!!! WHERE? *looks around* Where's the moonshine? Dude!! Whoever composed this was drinking a little too much of that ... This is something you might have if you're dreaming in some sort of bad musical that Dick Van Dyke stars in. It's show tuney ... sort of. The instrumentation is WAY screwed up. It's not even enjoyable! Dude! I usually like music like this! Orchestral ... show tuney ... bad musical that Dick Van Dyke might star in. Heck! This is so danged not-cool that I'm going to give it a 6 just to teach them a lesson. ENJOYABLE MUSIC ONLY! You have been warned.

Had to Fall in Love 8/10

What's with this adult contemporary ... Oh, I guess this is okay. It's nice'n'sweet and stuff, yet it's not corny enough to inspire me to give up Corn Flakes. It's surprisingly uninspired, though. The Moodies used to be tremendously inspired guys! Yes! I remember "New Horizons" from Seventh Sojourn! I haven't forgotten! ... Why can't you recreate the magic?? Anyway, "Had to Fall in Love" is a nice song. I like nice songs, because they're so ... nice.

I'll Be Level With You 8/10

At multiple times, this can be a very neat song! But taken together, this song can be very disheveled! But I like the musical ideas in here. They just weren't put together to make an altogether inspired song. Oh well.

Driftwood 7.5/10

Hey! With a little more work, this one could have been a television series theme song! Really! Doesn't this sound like a television series theme song to you? Anyway, this is a nice song. It's not tremendous. It really did need some more work ... although it's got plenty of polish. It just needed a better melody and stuff.

Top Rank Suite 7/10

This has a good party-time beat and atmosphere ... so is there any particular reason why I don't feel like partying with it? This is like one of those parties that I go to and I don't know anybody there. Man! That sucks! It's hard to deny that The Moody Blues didn't put tons of effort into this, but seriously, the song needs a hookier melody in order to get me boogying with it.

I'm Your Man 4/10

This song just sucks. It's obviously supposed to be poppy, but there's like NO melody or riff or anything that's good enough for me to enjoy this even in the remotest sense. Whenever this chorus actually strikes up, the song turns from "blah boring" to "okay boring." All in all, though, this one was misfired.

Dear Ray Thomas (who wrote this song),

Eat it.


Michael Lawrence

Survival 9/10

Hey look! An inspired moment! The melody is good! The chorus is uplifting! It's not a perfect song, but you take what you can get. Yes ... I like this!

One Step into the Light 8.5/10

Mike Pinder! He wrote this song for the Moodies, and then he decided that he was too good for the band and left. Good-bye Mike Pinder! Unfortunately, you're song isn't the specialest thing that I've ever listened to ... but it's pretty good especially when you compare it to other stuff that was on the album. It has a pretty catchy melody, and the instrumentation is loud and engaging enough to put you in good spirits.

The Day We Meet Again 7/10

The last song from The Moody Blues's "Octave" has a nice keyboard sequence, I think. And a nice electric guitar passage. But it's boring. Shall I yawn in Spanish? Okay. El Yawn! It does pick up dramatics toward the end of it, but I'm pretty much sick of it by then. Oh well.

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