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The Other Side of the Other Side of Life

Overall Album Score: 6.9 out of 10

The Other Side of My Buttocks and a Lot of Crap 80s Drum Machines more like it! What the freaking dilly is with the 80s drum machines, anyway? I mean … this isn’t the 80s or anything … … … … … … oh wait … this was the 80s when this album was released. Um … nevermind.

In the grand old year of 1986, in the height of that one decade called the 80s, which is a world-renown decade for teenagers’ impeccable taste in fashion, The Moody Blues (AKA a bunch of old guys whose buttcheeks were beginning to sag) got out their awesome computerized synthesizers, drum machines, mousse, and unleashed to the world this album! … which is called The Other Side of Life … a rather stimulating concept album about Mikey (“He Likes It!”) and his evil twin who happens to be eating a bowl of Life cereal on the other side of that cereal box. … … Except he doesn’t like it!!!! … BWAHHAHHAHHAH!!!!!!! And the Moody Blues really hit on a gold mine with this album. About two people bought it! … … No wait, more than two people bought it. … … Quite a lot of people bought it, actually. It hit number 9 on the charts. … … I think my grandmother might even have a copy!

Well, that’s the 80s for you! Eat healthy and work out twice a day.

Overall Album Score: 6.9 out of 10 (The Moody … Blues.)

Average Song Score: 7.1 (The 80s is cool and it sucks all at the same time. Way to go The Moody Blues.)

Album Tilt: 7.0 (Eh … This isn’t an unlistenable album … is it? I’ve listened to it and I’m still alive.)

Artist Rating: 6.5 (This album is a lot like their previous one, The Present. It’s not nearly as good, though, unfortunately. And, there’s too much mediocre stuff on here.)

Track Reviews

Your Wildest Dreams 8/10

Really, if 80s production values could be considered a good thing … in your wildest dreams … then The Moody Blues have gotten fairly close to it here. The scaling 80s synths and sound effects bring this song to a point where it sounds like it belongs on the “Never Ending Story” soundtrack. … And, really, the “Never Ending Story” soundtrack is pretty dang cool. That, along with the pretty catchy melody, makes this one pretty solid Moody Blues song. It’s hardly gargantuan enough to be considered a true weird 80s fantasy songscape for weirdoes, though.

Talkin’ Talkin’ 7/10

Again … the severe 80s synths are here, and they will either delight you or poop on your ears. Me? The only reason I’m not totally going nutzos over this song is that it’s too emotionless and the melody is nowhere near catchy enough. But I do like the production … even though it’s SEVERE to the 80S PERSUASION!

Rock ‘N Roll Over You 5/10

Synthy 80s goofy production values … the melody is rather icky. And when about the only redeeming quality of a song is its synthy production values, then … uhhhhhh …

I Just Don’t Care 7/10

I just don’t care, either. That’s it! The Other Side of Life review is over! … It’s the end! … … … … You can seriously stop reading now … There won’t be any words after this, I don’t think … … … … … Alright, you can plainly see that there are words after this, and, obviously, you haven’t stopped reading this. (Frankly, I feel sorry for those who did actually stop reading after that … they’re not going to get very far in life gullible as they are.) Alright, so this song is pretty good. It’s a slow ballad-type thingy. It’s not totally impressive, but … it passes. The melody is pretty good … The Moodies really needed to fix up the production, though. As opposed to most of the other ones from the album thus far, the production on this one is a real drag. I guess they just didn’t care.

Running Out of Love 8.5/10

Mark Prindle is right! This does sound remarkably like Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love.” … Even the singing! … … … I can’t believe it! That said, I’m glad they ripped it off, because it’s the best song on the album so far. It has a good groove, a good tune, and the 80s instrumentals are quirky and entertaining. So therefore, I give The Moody Blues divine permission to rip everyone off on the planet. Except for me. They should give me money.

The Other Side of Life 7/10

Yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda! Oi! This is ADULT FREAKING CONTEMPORARY! … I mean, I’m taking the time to actually *listen* to a mid-80s Moody Blues album, and me no want adult contemporary! Me want bad 80s fantasy soundscape crap! … The least they could do is give me bad 80s fantasy soundscape crapseseses. This is also way too long. I go to sleepses.

The Spirit 7/10

Okay. I’ve been busy, (and I probably shouldn’t be writing this in a review, but … heck, I’m trying to be unconventional). And I’ve been letting this review sit on my computer for THREE days. Every once in awhile, I’d open this review and attempt re-starting it, but … … I just couldn’t do it! This is a mental block or something! I’m just going to give it a 7 and be done with this crap.

Slings and Arrows 7/10

This is a goofy sort of 80s song that resembles the big band of the 30s. This isn’t bad. And this isn’t good, either. This is kind of like the presidential candidates of the 2004 election.

It May Be a Fire 7.5/10

This is a sweet little adult contemporary song. And I say BLAH to sweet little adult contemporary songs! … And I say … Wow, this song really isn’t that bad. *BLAH!* And I also say … this is the last song on the album! Hurrah! It’s over! I can get back to sorting my socks in alphabetical order by color now!

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