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Don't Give Don Ignacio "The Present"

Overall Album Score: 8.5 out of 10

Hmmm ... Well, I'm probably kidding myself by proclaiming that The Present is a Moody Blues return to form, because in all actuality, this isn't that much better than Long Distance Voyager! Although, the good news, certainly, would be that the presence of the more 'shallow' style of 80s music isn't nearly as prominent here as it was in that previous album. Although, this is still the 80s, and you cannot mistake most of these songs for anything other than 80s pop-rock. (POP ROCKS!)

But this is The Moody Blues! They're not likely to pass stuff off such as "Material Girl" ... this album is rather close to Seventh Sojourn. It's poppy art rock! And poppy art rock is the coolest ever! All of the songs on here are good. The first two are the best, in my opinion, but the album continues to trudge along quite strongly until its very conclusion.

The Moody Blues hardly recreate all of the magic they were able to conjure during their classic period. But they manage to conjure up a lot of that magic ... and this is a recommended album because of that! This makes a great addition to the Moody Blues discography.

Overall Album Score: 8.5 out of 10 (THE MOOOODY BLUES ARE MAKING COOL ALBUMS AGAIN!!!!!! HOORAY!)

Average Song Score: 8.4 (Good songs!!! Nothing in here probably would scream out at you very loudly, but this is a formidable bunch for certain.)

Album Tilt: 8.5 (Of course ... these songs don't take on a magical breadth of life, but this is one mightily edible and enjoyable album!)

Artist Rating: 8.5 (A return to form? ... Well, this isn't as good as most of the classic Moody Blues albums, but this is comparable to them. And it's very fun to listen to. That's as much of an artistic achievement as anything.)

Track Reviews

Blue World 9.5/10

This is really great! Not only does this have a really very nice melody (although, it probably won't hook you to merciless death), but it was performed wonderfully well! Yes ... it has 80s production standards, but The Moodies really makes it sound awesome here ... and make me happy that it's the happy decade of the 1980s! ... Really ... this is a wonderful song!!!! THE MOODY BLUES ARE BACK, MY FRIENDS!

Meet Me Halfway 9/10

This song is so shiny immaculate that I simply cannot contain myself!!! MAN! The Moody Blues really are back. The melody here is as alluring and attractive as the latter albums of their "classic seven" ... and the production is even more alluring and attractive. This art-pop is mightily good!

Sitting at the Wheel 8.5/10

You can't mistake this one for anything other than 80s music ... and, unlike what everybody and their hamsters might be thinking, this song is really quite awesome!!!! This isn't cheesy, boring 80s music. This is cool, melodic, epic 80s music! And, I ask you, what can be better than cool, melodic, epic 80s music? ... I mean besides fruit roll-ups? I enjoy this one, too! What else can this old rock'n'roll band offer?

Going Nowhere 8.5/10

How on earth did the Moody Blues suddenly return back to awesome? ... Did they all get divorced and marry twenty-year-olds??? Possibly! Even though this song doesn't really make it, it's still cool! The melody is pretty good ... and the song is polished and attractive-cool. I like! I like! A lot!

Hole in the World 4/5

This is a synth song put to a military beat. It's also not very long (under two minutes). And that song metamorphoses into ...

Under My Feet 8/10

Hmmmm ... this is the first song in the album that doesn't totally make it for me. But it's still nice, polished, entertaining ... just like the Moody Blues used to be! ... Hooray!!! Now, I am only going to do good in this world, and make it a better place for all the children everywhere!

It's Cold Outside Of Your Heart 8/10

Another awesome song! ... It's pleasant ... well-sung ... well-done ... etc. etc. This one is actually a higher degree of an 8 compared to the last one, but I couldn't give it an 8.5 because I think this one is just a teeny bit lazy. Hmmm. I still enjoy it quite a lot, though. The Moody Blues are the cooly duudes.

Running Water 8/10

Sappy ballad! Sappy ballad! Sappy ballad! ... I still enjoy listening to it, though. I like the melody. The instrumentation, I think, is a bit sloppy here, too, making me think this one was done more or less at the last minute. It's an entertaining song, though. I personally can't deny it that.

I Am 7.5/10

I yam what I yam what I yam what I yam what I ... oooo ... sorry! Hay! What the bleeding heck is with this???? Didn't they tell you???? THE 60S ARE OVER! ... They must have been having an LSD relapse or something ... how else do you explain this psychedelic thing? That said, I don't find it groan inducing, so a 7.5 is entirely appropriate!

Sorry 8.5/10

It's the last track of the album!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Now I can do something constructive like knit! (I've decided that I'm going to knit all of my clothing from now on, including my underwear.) No, wait! I don't want to knit! I want to review more albums! MORE ALBUMS!!!!! I'm not that enthusiastic about this album ending, though. I really enjoyed it! This song is a pretty darn cool closer. It's wily, happy, upbeat, and hella enjoyable ... all at the same time! ... I don't want it to make it seem that this song (or this album, really) was daring or anything. But it was really great. And I wish more people would make albums like this! ... If there were more albums like this in the world, life would be an awesome thing for me.

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