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Seventh Sojourn and Other Reasons to Eat Fowl

Overall Album Score: 9.0 out of 10

Well ... At this point in The Moody Blues discography, I can say my general attitude toward them have changed drastically. Whereas I started out reviewing Moody Blues albums rather cold-heartedly and almost cynically (yet, the album scores remained very high ... I like to think that I was being as objective as I possibly could, even though that's technically impossible. I like to think that I retain a sort of personal objectivity, though, if you can understand what I mean). The Moodies were getting the points out of me, but they never managed to get me as a fan. (See my review of To Our Children's Children as an example ... I scored that one about as high as I scored this album, but I said throughout my review that I disliked their style.) Now, as I'm sitting here reviewing their seventh album, I have grown to absolutely adore these guys!

Yes. This album isn't as infiltrated with that muddled Mellotron throughout the whole thing. All of The Moodies' post 1969 albums are like this! They're overall much more polished! It might partly be that fact that has brought about this change-of-attitude. But, really, their style didn't change all that fundamentally. It took me a while, but I've finally grown to enjoy their stuff. If I were to go back and review To Our Children's Children, then I probably would have sounded nicer in it. I don't imagine, though, that the album would score any higher. It's definitely an 8.8.

The only things that made Seventh Sojourn reach the 9.0 line are the first three tracks. I'm convinced that these are among the finest things The Moody Blues have ever done. (The only finer moment would have to be "Nights in White Satin" on Days of Future Passed ... but as you know, that's really a hard moment to beat!)

The album starts out with "Lost in a Lost World," which has this utterly splendid, complex, and interesting melody ... that *wow* has me immediately enjoying this thing right from the very start! (It even has a defined rhythm section! How cool is that?) The hot tamale, though, is track #2 called "New Horizons." That song encapsulates some of the most exquisite, grandiose beauty that I have had the privilege of reviewing on this entire site! ... And that's without any merit the melody might bring to it! I can't even say that "New Horizon's" melody by itself has too much merit to it. It's, simply, the way that it's played and the arrangements that are so beautiful (see the track review for more detail). You really have to listen to this one. It's utterly gorgeous. The follow-up track to "New Horizons" is also another reason for me to love Seventh Sojourn. "For My Lady" is a rather gorgeous Medieval-type song that's so good that it doesn't make me miss listening to "New Horizons." After you get a song like that, geez, most guys can't make the next song interesting enough, and I'd usually end up backing up to that other song. But "For My Lady" does a top job of keeping me focused on listening to the rest of the album.

The rest of the songs, unfortunately, do not measure up to those mammoth-three, but all of them are quite strong on their own right. (Plus, there are only eight songs on the album, so the mammoth-three are a great proportion.)

I have to realize that I'm probably one of the few individuals who romanticizes those songs so much ... but, alas, it's my opinion!

Overall Album Score: 9.0 out of 10 (Wow! For an album that was meant as the swan song for The Moody Blues ... they regrouped six years later, of course ... it was a nice little trinket to leave the world with. By merit of the first three songs alone, I adore Seventh Sojourn.)

Average Song Score: 9.0 (The first three songs on here are so utterly great that I'm willing to call them all "very special." Specifically the 10-plus scoring "New Horizons" ... that one's absolutely breathtaking. The rest of these songs are also quite good.)

Album Tilt: 9.0 (This is a mighty fine album to listen to!)

Artist Rating: 9.0 (Hmmm... If I were to give this a 9.5 artistic rating, then that would mean it would receive a higher score than Days of Future Passed and A Question of Balance. It's neither as important as Days of Future Passed nor as tuneful as A Question of Balance.)

Track Reviews

Lost in a Lost World 9.5/10

What is this?!?!?!?

A RHYTHM SECTION?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

The Moody Blues having a defined rhythm section is like asking Dennis Rodman to quit being stupid ... it'll never happen! ...Although, I suppose there might be a day when he gets really old and no longer has the energy for stupidity.

Hmmm... I seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot. Let me start over.

A RHYTHM SECTION?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Yep. The Moody Blues have this rock-and-roll rhythm section all over this thing! The melody is pretty good, too, and has some interesting twists, turns, chord changes, whatever. It's not, really, something that you'll find that you are utterly engrossed in, but it's a great album-opener just the same.

New Horizons 10plus/10

Is it just me, or does this track rule all? It's when I unexpectedly run into songs like this that really makes reviewing rock-and-roll albums worthwhile! (And ... in fact ... running into utterly engrossing and beautiful songs like this are the whole reason that I started reviewing albums.) So, as you can see, me giving this one a 10plus was completely expected! I do want to point out that I don't find the melody to be quite on the same par with a lot of other Moody Blues songs ... it's the instrumentation that completely gets to me. Those utterly gorgeous violins in the background are just about the sweetest things I've ever heard in a rock song ... and those electric guitar interludes are absolutely breathtaking! Oh man ... After hearing this, I now really like The Moody Blues. For me, there's no contest: this is their best song since "Nights in White Satin."

For My Lady 10/10

HOLY COW! What are The Moody Blues trying to do? Put forth a wonderfully polished album with some of the greatest, most engrossing songs that I've ever heard? This one is more of a Medieval-inspired ditty with an absolutely gorgeous melody. (To be sure, the melody is probably better than the one on "New Horizons" ... Again, I am happily willing to call "For My Lady" a special experience ... but it's not as special as "New Horizons.")

Isn't Life Strange 8/10

This one is kind of pretty, too. Although, I'm sad to say that it doesn't engross me utterly! It's very good, though. It has this great-sounding electric guitar in here. (Does this guitar sound slightly remind you of cheesy 80s metal ballads to anyone else?) The six-minute-plus running length on this one isn't even a burden.

You and Me 8/10

More rhythm section! Holy CRAP! Again, I don't find this utterly engrossing or even as beautiful as "Isn't Life Strange," but I do find it to be quite enjoyable. Another fine track in this fine album.

The Land of Make-Believe 8.5/10

What's this? A pre-school song? Naaaaaaaah... It's still The Moody Blues. Although, I wouldn't have been surprised if one of my former pre-school teachers (who were all ex-hippies, probably) would have played this song to us or something while we were pulling each other's hair and honking each other's noses...

And, again, The Moody Blues manage to pull off another entirely wonderful and noteworthy song. It's not quite as special as some of the other ones in here, but you'll probably be caught up in the atmosphere with this one, too.

When You're a Free Man 8.5/10

The Moody Blues have got to be one of the most consistent bands in the history of rock-and-roll. Seriously. They never strike me as being as great as other bands like The Beatles or even The Kinks ... but ... oh man! Apart from a few pretentious poems and whatever, all of their songs are good on all of their albums ... Not once do they let up on their quality. Of course, they don't recapture the beauty of the first three songs from the album with "When You're a Free Man," but it still does capture a lot of beauty by its own right! This is more priceless stuff.

I'm Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band 8.5/10

...Me too! I just happen to be the lead singer in a rock-and-roll band that I just started called the Banana Manilows! (We're a Barry Manilow cover band where I dress up in a gorilla costume and the rest of the band dons ninja costumes.) I'm kind of expecting a Grammy for my next album! (Heck ... if they gave five Grammies to Madonna, all I have to do is record an album with recordings of my inner bodily functions, and a Grammy's in the baaaaaag.)

About the song ... ANOTHER RHYTHM SECTION??? ... This one also fails to exhilarate me, but this is by far the loudest and rockingest song that the Moody Blues have done in their classic period ... which, by the way, is an era, that this song marks the end of!

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