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In the Wake of Queen II

Overall Album Score: 8.3 out of 10

This really isn't too much different-in-quality compared to Queen's debut album, but I did enjoy Queen II more than Queen.

The main reason for that is my opinion of the songs. Queen II simply has a better set of songs that have a higher sense of purpose. Indeed, the album is much more pretentious than the first Queen album (because this is a concept album ... or something), but I actually like it!

And Queen II follows exactly what my own pre-conceived stereotype was of them! (Yes, I used to listen to Queen a lot in the past, but I never actually got around to buying this album for leisurely listening purposes, so this was the first time that I heard it.) Queen are butt-kicking, all-in-all wicked performers! Freddie's got the voice, May's got the licks ... the other band members are good, too, but rarely stand out above those two. Queen are creative, innovative, and most importantly entertaining! Yes! Queen II is Queen.

Indeed, though, Queen is never a flawless band. There are some lesser-quality songs in here ... but nothing on here totally bombs. Just the same, since this is Queen, you know that it's going to be good ... if you're one who's apt to enjoy Queen, that is.

Overall Album Score: 8.3 out of 10 (Queen improves a little bit for their second album ... the songs are slightly more interesting and enjoyable.)

Average Song Score: 8.4 (There are some really quite good songs on here ... While certainly not every one of them is a gem, nothing bombs.)

Album Tilt: 8.5 (An enjoyable album ... I give Queen credit for their first-rate ability at entertainment.)

Artist Rating: 8.0 (Well ... this wasn't a bad artistic effort. It was awfully pretentious, though, and I'm really reluctant to call Queen II an artistic achievement. More importantly to note, though, it's not an artistic failure!)

Track Reviews

Procession 4/5

Oh ... bow thy heads for thou holy procession ... I giveth thee a 4 outeth 5, for thy possession art fair. Fine jobeths, thy lady Queen.

Father to Son 8.5/10

This song might be more than six minutes long and rather dark, but, somehow, it manages to totally kick butt. ... I'm going to quit mentioning how awesome Brian May is with his guitar, because I'm going to say that in nearly every track review until Queen's end, probably. Nevertheless, it does kick butt! The song is hard (and a bit medieval), the melody is pretty good, the song itself is engaging ... Yup, this is one certified *solid* Queen song!

White Queen (As it Begins) 8/10

A slooooooooowwwwwww song ... If it wasn't for a few really good bits of melody in this and the general creativeness of the arranging, this song would be a certified: Track That Don Ignacio Traysh! ... because this is very pretentious. Just the same, though, Queen manages to make what might have been doodoo something that's totally awesome. Way to go, QUEEN.

Some Day One Day 7/10

Hmmm ... this is not as good, but ... it's not bad at all. The melody isn't that great, but I like the instrumentals (as usual). I can't trash this song though. (Alas ... trashing tracks 'tis the only fun thou hasts.)

The Loser in the End 8.5/10

Queen is REALLY good at hard rock when they really want to. I'm not saying that they're better than Led Zeppelin at it, but Queen was able to walk in their shoes. ... The song isn't "awesomely awesome" enough for me to call it praiseworthy ... nor does it have a particularly great melody. Nevertheless, it does have quite a lot of balls, and that's why it gets an 8.5.

Ogre Battle 9.5/10

Real energy this song has ... and it has a near-perfect combination of energy and melody, making this song Pure 94.439245% Rock-and-Roll Entertainment! It's also a nice, quirky song that'll surely bring a smile to (my) face. Good job! But it's not nearly as quirky as ...

Fairy Feller's Masterstroke 10/10

Almost remarkably creative this one is ... and that's not to mention the really really good arrangements! This is a very unusual pop song! ... True it wasn't meant to be a POP SINGLE or anything, so it's not hit-worthy, but this is still very much fun.

Nevermore 5/5

It's very short, but the melody is just lovely!!!!! It's kind of touching, too, which isn't something I always expect from Queen.

The March of the Black Queen 7/10

A bit overblown, this one ...... No, I take that back -- it's *VERY* overblown! A near bomb, but the simple fact that Queen is awesome with their instruments and that the song is quirky more than anything saves this from utter oblivion. Just the same. SOUR GRAPE! SOUR GRAPE!

Funny How Love Is 8/10

This is your typical, strong Queen tune ... It's catchy and it's performed with gusto! That all said, it's not a phenomenally entertaining song, now is it?

Seven Seas of Rhye 8.5/10

Another pretty awesome song from Queen! ... Most everything about the song is creative ... the melody, the harmonies ... that little part at the end where everyone breaks into a drunken chorus. I also really enjoy the instrumentals (again) ... Oh yeah, baby.


See What a Fool I've Been

Not really that good of a song ... although, it is interesting, I suppose. It's a real sloppy blues song. ... It was a good thing they kept it off the studio albums. It wouldn't have flattered it at all. ... Nor does it flatter the bonus tracks!

Also included are pointless remixes of "Ogre Battle" and "The Seven Seas of Rhye."

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