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December 26, 2017

Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway: Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway (1972) 8/15

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Here is a dull soft-pop duets album to remind everyone out there there's only 364 shopping days till Christmas.


December 24, 2017

The Civil Wars: The Civil Wars (2013) 11/15

I probably won't update tomorrow, so Merry Christmas everyone!


December 22, 2017

Tegan and Sara: If It Was You (2002) 13/15

Capsule Review: Eurythmics: Be Yourself Tonight (1985) 4/5

Today marks the start of my Christmas holiday, my annual week-long break where I traditionally sit around and do nothing. Though there are a few actual things I am planning to do this week, I'm hoping to get a lot of time in working on this blog. (I've also been going through what's been published so far on the Capsule Reviews page and editing a bit.)


December 20, 2017

Journey: Raised on Radio (1986) 7/15

So I found my cache of unpublished capsule reviews, which I hadn't worked on since late 2013. (I have a crazy amount of them.) Weirdly, it seems, I stopped mid-word in the middle of an Elvis review. Then I remembered what happened: I had completed that review and then a small handful of other reviews when for some reason the file didn't save, and I lost all the work. I became so frustrated, I quit working on the project altogether.

Anyway, I think it might be good if I continued that work...and not to mention actually publish them.


December 19, 2017

Joan Baez: Joan Baez in Concert, Part 1 (1962) 12/15

It occurred to me I should also continue to update the page of capsule reviews. I have a whole bunch of those written, but I never published them. (I'll probably want to re-listen to it all, though, so I can revise the write-ups as necessary.) I am intending for the main focus to be on the full reviews, though.


December 17, 2017

Roberta Flack: Quiet Fire (1971) 11/15

I had a rather busy week, but I managed to provide an update!


December 10, 2017

The Civil Wars: Barton Hollow (2011) 13/15

To those who were paying attention, it took me more than five years to write this review. In that span of time: The Civil Wars released a follow-up album. They broke up. They separately released two solo projects. I remember the reason I started that page in 2012 was so that I would get familiar with popular new acts at the time that I might one day want to see in concert. I went to a ton of concerts in this span of five years, but never them. Anyway, I finally reviewed their debut album. (I suppose I'll finish out their page as well...I should maybe add a fifth track on my review cycle: finishing out discographies.)


December 9, 2017

Alvvays: Antisocialites (2017) 14/15

Alvvays managed to come out with a follow-up album I love almost as much as their first. So if I overrated their debut, I shall gladly overrate this follow-up!


December 8, 2017

Tegan and Sara: This Business of Art (2000) 10/15

I gotta review those difficult early albums (those that are not terrible but don't have any songs on it I can gush about) before I get to the more fun, later albums!


December 7, 2017

Journey (Steve Perry Solo): Street Talk (1984) 9/15

It's fun to be writing for this site again! I was thinking quite a lot about how I'm planning on structuring the updates (that is, unless this review spurt is only temporary and I go back into a months-long coma, like I'm Robert De Niro from Awakenings).

I was doing a lot of thinking ahead to what I'd like to do within the next year. (Again, if I do anything at all.) ((The bands I'm listing as 'Up Next' are subject to change.))

There are four pages I'd update at the 'same time':

1 - The Classic Rock Titans (Classic artists that sites like mine will typically review).
Currently reviewing: Journey
Up Next: The Who, Fleetwood Mac

2 - Less Covered Classic Rock Titans (Classic artists sites like mine will not typically review)
Currently reviewing: Roberta Flack
Up next: ...Elvis???

3 - Current Bands that I Like (Artists that started as early as the '90s that I tend to enjoy listening to. I'll try to avoid artists I don't like fun as it would be to review Justin Bieber.)
Currently reviewing: Tegan and Sara
Up next: The New Pornographers, Sia

4 - Rewrites for Currently Written Pages (These are pages on my site I would like to rewrite.)
Currently rewriting: Joan Baez
Up next: Nancy Sinatra, Eurythmics

I do have the latest Alvvays album in my queue (since I like that band so much), but other than that I think I'm going to go with this regimen.

I also made the decision to tone it down with the solo albums. I still want to cover those, but I don't need to go scouring the internet for obscure albums. I'll only review the ones that are easily accessible. (And I'm going to skip all of Neal Schon's solo albums he released into the '90s and beyond...I just don't care that much.)


December 5, 2017

Joan Baez: Joan Baez, Vol. 2 (1961) 11/15

I believe my original score of this album was a 6/15. Grade inflation!

It was a funny experience listening to that album. I hadn't really heard it since I reviewed it back in 2007, but I could still remember the moments that irritated me back then. All I can say is they just don't irritate me anymore. (I'm getting old.)


December 4, 2017

Roberta Flack: Chapter Two (1970) 10/15

*Tries to forget it's been nearly a year since I updated this site*.

(The big news that happened to me over the last year is that I got married in September.) Through this time, I still haven't forgotten my love for listening to and reviewing music--and that is even though my "big return" (the Roberta Flack sophomore album) didn't warrant a whole lot of enthusiasm out of me.

But truth be told, I'd been trying to write that review for months (since December last year, as a matter of fact), so it's nice to finally finish it!


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