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Voulez-Vous. That's French For "Let's Prance Around Naked in Front of Your Parents' House"

Overall Album Score: 8.3 out of 10

It was an interesting scene at the CD store after purchasing this album. I brought it to the check-out register very discreetly ... I put on the same face I would put on if I were buying a Nirvana album --- all self-righteous and knowing (not something you would look like if you were buying an album with disco songs on it). But, as the cashier scanned the barcode with their cashier ray gun thingies, something started to blink on his computer screen. It said "Disco Lover." This cashier looked at me spitefully, spat on my face, and then made change. As I exited the store, I was being pelted by rotten vegetables by bystanders and a few people screamed "Disco Sympathizer" in my ear. It was a humiliating experience, but I got the last laugh 'cause nobody noticed that $400 DVD player I had stuffed under my coat! Heheheeeee!

Right! This is a disco album! Well ... it's kind of a disco album. This is still the ABBA we've come to know and love with their kick-butt melodies, great singing, and solid production ... but, I guess it was 1979, and ABBA decided that they needed a little disco in their albums. I'm not sure why they came to such a conclusion. The Album was released in 1978, and it didn't have a trace of disco on it. Plus, by 1979, disco was already on its way out of the pop culture.

Anyway, there are only a handful of disco numbers on here, and some of them ain't bad at all! There are a couple folksy numbers on here ... there are some good-ole regular ABBA pop numbers ... there are some sub-par ABBA pop numbers ... and there's even another Spanish-inspired song (those Swedes must really like them Spaniards)!

This album is also underrated. This deserves to be placed among all of ABBA's best! While ... true ... this is the beginning of the band's decline, and it's not as good as their previous album or their subsequent album (Super Troopers), but it's still solid! And, speaking of The Album, I like two songs on this album, better than any of the songs on that Album. Am I a nutzo? Probably!

I'll have you know that "Chiquitita" and "Angeleyes" kick major ass!

Overall Album Score: 8.3 out of 10 (ABBA makes an album with disco songs on it and they STILL survive. The reason? Well... they put their masterful gifts of melody to good use once again!)

Average Song Score: 8.5 (This is really good for an ABBA album! Perhaps it's not their strongest collection of songs, but there are some real keepers on here.)

Album Tilt: 8.5 (I do listen to this album rather often ... kind of in spite of myself ... and this is the thing with "Angeleyes" on it, so I'm not going to penalize this album at all just because it has a few tasteless numbers on it. This is also something good to dance to, if you're that kind of person)

Artist Tilt: 8.0 (Ohhhhhhh... we know ABBA could do better than this! While, their heavenly melody writing abilities are hardly even hindered on this album, resorting to disco is not always a wise thing to do. But, I think they got out of it just fine. A bit of points off for the lyrics on "Does Your Mother Know" and a few more points off for the uninspired "Lovers (Live a Little Longer)." Other than that, this is yet ANOTHER solid ABBA classic. Unfortunately, they only had one more to go.)

Track Reviews

As Good As New 9/10

Well... here's a mostly-decent disco number! It starts with a fun classical music sequence and then, very cleanly, gets into a funky disco beat. While it's disco, this song has a perfectly catchy melody and is perfectly fun to listen to. So there ya go. (Disco isn't that bad, is it? I mean ... as long as you stay away from stuff like Cerrone?)

Voulez-Vous 8.5/10

Ooo! This is a tight song! This is also disco ... and it's probably more likely something one would dance on those flashing disco floors. Yep. The melody is good, but we've come to expect a little bit more from this band in that category. (Oi! There are a lot of bands who I bet wished they had come up with this one.) A nice, solid little dance number.

I Have a Dream 8/10

Hey! This is another one of those "Let's sing something around the campfire" songs! ABBA wrote something similar on their previous album called "Thank You For the Music." While this track is certainly good, memorable, and everything, it waltzes a bit too closely near the tasteful/corny line. The melody, however, is great. It doesn't make me vomit, anyway.

Angeleyes 10plus/10

Geez! I make some interesting calls, don't I? I'm the only person in the world who probably considers this track one of the best ABBA songs on the planet! And ... why not? It's sharp, it's slick, it's EXTREMELY catchy, it's not even a disco song ... and the lyrics are definitely among the band's most descriptive. The track begins with a neat synth-classical music sequence and it ....... geez. It puts me under some spell -- kind of like what this song is about! (It's about a man who can brainwash women by looking at them with his "angeleyes.") I'm not normal in liking this track. Most people like "Chiquitita" best off this album. I don't blame them, either.

King Has Lost His Crown 7.5/10

While this song is definitely "neat" and has several great moments within it, it is the first track on this album that I'm indifferent about. The melody has more than its fair share of interesting hooks in it, but ... I don't know ... it just doesn't do anything for me.

Does Your Mother Know 8/10

You know what? I never cared for this song. I know ABBA fans usually call it a classic ... but the melody doesn't always interest me. But I do like the tight beat! A good song to dance to if you feel so inclined. The lyrics are a bit odd (and tasteless) if you actually pay attention to them. It's about a mature guy trying to convince a minor female that he can't do anything with her 'cause she's too young. Yep. I probably could have come up with a better set of lyrics for this tune than that, man! Oh well.

If It Wasn't For the Nights 8.5/10

Oh! We're back to disco stuff again. Wow, though! The melody is absolutely perfect on here, though. I mean ... this is disco right? But it's TASTEFUL disco, and not this brain-numbing crap us poor civilians are often bombarded with. So I can't legitimately dock this track too many points, though it does repeat itself a little too often. It's dated, but fun.

Chiquitita 10/10

This luverly track begins with some pleasant notes on a Spanish guitar and then progresses into probably what's one of the calmest, peaceful melodies that ABBA's ever done with a nice piano going on in the background. Then it picks up a quiet synthesizer playing long notes and another female singer ... and then BOOM! The chorus! The chorus is even catchier than the beginning of the song. Wow! Certainly, it's one of the best ABBA songs ever written. If it wasn't for my utterly retarded and somewhat stubborn affection toward "Angeleyes," I would call this the best track on the album. This is a captivating/perfect song until that enchanting honkytonk-like piano at the very end of this song (that could very well have been turned into something of its very own)!

Lovers (Live a Little Longer) 5/10

Well... after that, here is the first song on the album that is A) a disco song and B) doesn't have a good enough melody to make it interesting. The first (and only) song on the album I don't like. Though ... I suppose it's not that bad, so I'll give it a neutral 5.

Kisses of Fire 9.5/10

This is the last song of the normal album ... and it's another utter delight! A good song to finish this album dancing with. It's kind of theatric in spirit and it is actually very infectious! Oh ... what a fun band!

Bonus Tracks:

I won't count them toward the total score, because I haven't done that on any other ABBA album. (Hey! Might as well be consistent!) There are three bonus tracks on here, and not one of them are bad. First, we get "Summer Night City," which a dance song with a rather fun atmosphere surrounding it. It's good for an 8/10. Following this is "Lovelight," which is good but a little sloppy. A 7/10. Lastly, there's "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! (A Man After Midnight" which is a rather interesting, kind of symphonic, disco number. An 8.5/10.

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