Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Don Ignacio’s Music Reviews?

It is a web site. What do you think it is?

2. No, I mean, for what purpose does this site exist?

Oh! It’s a place for music reviews written by the genius, Michael Lawrence.

3. Thank you. Who operates the site?

Michael Lawrence is such a genius, he operates this site, too. He’s what you would call multi-talented. He even wrote this F.A.Q.!

4. That’s impressive, I think. What kind of qualifications does Michael Lawrence have in music criticism?

None. Other than the fact that he's a genius.

5. …Well then, is he in a band? Does he play a musical instrument? Does he know anything about the technicalities of music?

(...enough of this third-person crap.) No. I am not in a band. I can play the piano a little bit, but I never made it beyond the beginner’s stage. I once took a music history course as well as a music theory course, but that's about the extent of my book-smarts. I've also dabbled in music composition but never really got anywhere big with it.

6. Obviously, Michael Lawrence is just a big fat ignoramus. Why does he even review albums?

The principle reason why I started reviewing albums was so that I could give myself an education in it. The reason why I continue doing it is because it's fun.

7. Okay. Whatever. What kind of music do you review?

Rock-and-roll albums mostly, but I occasionally will also review a soundtrack now and again. And perhaps some other things I run across.

8. Are music reviews all that there is to this site?

Basically. However, I have written a few short stories in my day, which you may access at I have capsule movie reviews up at I started writing these movie reviews in 1998 and stopped in 2007.

9. I don’t like one of your reviews. I think you’re a moron. Is there any way I can contact you?

Yes! Send me an email at, or you can write me a message on my message board.

10. What if I don’t think you’re a moron, but I respectfully disagree with one of your reviews?

Then you're a nicer person and should definitely send me a comment.

11. If I send you a comment, will you actually read them?

I've read every single comment that I've ever gotten... and I frequently respond to them as well. (Give me a good week or two to respond, though... particularly if I haven't updated this in awhile.)

12. Will you review an album for me?

Yes, I will. If you want to see an album reviewed on this site, drop me a message either on the message board (preferred) or send me an e-mail. However, don't be too upset if it takes me awhile to get to it.

13. I am a member of a band who would like some constructive criticism of our music. Would you please review it?

I used to do these willingly, but unfortunately they've more and more grown troublesome for me. Therefore, I am going to decline these request from now on. I am sorry.

14. What the heck does “Don Ignacio” mean?

It’s a nickname I chose for myself in Spanish class when I was a junior in high school. “Ignacio” was the name I chose. The “Don” part signifies that I am a land owner. (Even though I’m not a landowner. That part was a joke.)

15. Hey! You didn’t answer my question!

Sorry! Nobody actually asked any of these questions. I just made them up. So, if you have a question, then please fill out that mail form!

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